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MBA – awarded by the University of South Wales

This is an opportunity for learners who successfully pass the London Examinations Board SCQF Level 11 Professional Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA) to undertake the top-up MBA with our partner the University of South Wales 

A SCQF credit rating body and the University of South Wales has credited the LEB PDBA with 120 postgraduate credits and learners will therefore need to undertake a further 60 credits to gain the University of South Wales MBA.  The 60 credits comprise of a 20 credits Research Methods module and a 40 credits Dissertation

Master of Business Administration – Sample Certificate

The Research Methods Module with the University of South Wales

Learners will undertake the online Research Methods module with the University of South Wales to develop their understanding and skills of research in a management subject discipline.  They will learn to critically review a range of research methodologies and select the most appropriate one to address a research need. It will equip students with the skills required for the practical aspects of planning, conducting and producing a Masters level work.  The Research Methods module takes the form of asynchronous online material supported by 8 synchronous lectures delivered by University of South Wales staff.

The Dissertation with the University of South Wales

The taught element of the Dissertation will be delivered asynchronously online and be supported by two synchronous lectures delivered by University of South Wales staff.  The Dissertation is a significant piece of student-directed learning, based on a detailed investigation into a business-related phenomenon. The dissertation requires students to demonstrate the following:

      • Originality.

      • A clear definition of the issue under investigation and a clear statement of the aims of the study

      • An understanding and use of appropriate research methodology indicating skills in data collection and analysis

      • If appropriate, an analysis of existing practice within the organisation(s) in terms of the theoretical framework established for the study and in terms of comparative practice

      • The extent to which all of the above result in a set of conclusions which are consistent with the research. The setting out of clear recommendations for action, adoption or otherwise

    Research proposals will be received and approved by the University of South Wales and learners will be allocated LEB supervisors

    In relation to the focus of the (dissertation) study, work submitted by candidates demonstrates their ability to reflect upon and review critically their experience and the work of others. Concepts and issues are analysed and evaluated and the submitted work shows an ability to select and order evidence and arguments. Discussion is placed within a clearly defined conceptual framework. The work is well presented and is fluent, readable and scholarly in style. In the dissertation, there is a clear explanation of the chosen methodology, satisfactory application of chosen methods and identification of potential weaknesses in the research design

    Work of outstanding quality is characterised by evidence of a new synthesis which emerges through the critical analysis of the candidate’s own educational experience and the work of others. As a result, the work submitted shows originality and insight


    The 20 credits Research Methods has two assessment components consisting of a 2,500 word assignment critically appraising quantitative research methods and a 3,000 word assignment on qualitative research methods where students collect and analyse qualitative data

    The 40 credits Dissertation is a full scale academic research project of 12,000 words

    Entry Requirement

    Learners must have successfully completed the London Examinations Board Post Degree Qualification in Business Administration

    Delivery Mode

    (a) Mode A: Blended Learning mode – Each taught Module should have a total of 8 hours of face-to-face lectures and supported by self-study using the Online Learning Resources and online interactions with the Module Leader.

    (b) Mode B: Fully Online mode – Each taught Module should have a total of 8 hours of online classes, tutorials and interaction with the Module Leader. This will be supported by self-study using Online Learning Resources. Pre-recorded video lectures for each module will be provided.

    Notional Hours

    The top-up MBA with the University of South Wales accrues 60 credits for the Research Methods and Dissertation and equates to 600 notional hours in total.

    Guide to Learning Time

    The top-up MBA with the University of South Wales can be completed in 6 to 12 months.

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