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Joyce Agnes Harding

Former student of Olympia College

I am Joyce Agnes Harding, a former student of Olympia College, Kuala Lumpur Campus.

My journey in part-time studies started in 2013 as a student pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with IPE Management School, Paris.

My passion is Human Capital and as such I have chosen the Specialisation module which is Human Capital Management – Contemporary Issues in HCM.

Even though I have chosen this HCM module, this whole MBA program caters for other modules in general such as Managing Operations, Marketing, Accounting, Leadership and so on.

I was impressed with this MBA program and it is suitable for working adults. I am thankful and grateful to the lecturers for their support. I also thank God that I have passed this program and was awarded this MBA from IPE Management School, Paris.

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I am truly thankful for the IPE program. It provided me both with an abundance of knowledge and great memories. The comprehensive and well-structured course is taught by highly skilled lecturers, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from the industry.

The IPE Program has provided a great opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge beyond my field of studies. It has not only helped me to excel in the academic field, but also taught me a lot of different skills and knowledge which has immediately impacted on my job performance.

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Adrian Ong Zheng Kit

Former student

The flexibility of the IPE BIB program has helped me by allowing be to work and studying at the same time. Knowledge attained from the program has been very practical and relevant to the current business environment

The IPE BIB course has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge and is at least on par with the current competitive working environment. It has provided me to have a better job prospects.

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Grace Wong Sau Yan

Former student

My experience studying at IPE Paris programme was incredible. Looking back at my experience, I am so glad that I did my degree studies with them. Studying the IPE Paris programme was one of the most beneficial experiences I have ever had in my life.

It combined both amazing teachers and staff with a challenging personalized learning experience. The IPE Paris programme not only improved my academic skills, but it also helped me significantly in my career. I am so grateful to everyone and I am so glad I had the chance to study do the programme.

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Ong See Keat

Former student

I have had turning points in my life after which nothing is ever the same. One has been doing the IPA Paris programme for a year at Olympia College, Ipoh as it has been a most relevant business education.

A year studying the famous course from IPE Paris and the chance to gain work experience in a local business has taught me an immense deal regarding the culture and requirements to influence business practices. I have been able to adopt some of learning and insights gained from doing the case studies and implement them and been able to observe those impressive and influential outcomes.

I have opened my eyes to the ever-increasing market opportunities I now have in my career.

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Former student (IPE BIB)

I like the lecturers. During classes, they take time to explain course subjects and are very supportive and provided the career guidance which will help me. The independent learning environment has honed my critical thinking skills and made me a more strategic thinker.

I am better able to evaluate issues and make important decisions at work.

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