Who is London Examinations Board?
What study options are available through London Examinations Board?
What if I do not have advanced IT skills, will I be able to use the online platform?
How long should it take for me to complete my course?
How am I assessed, for example, are there exams I have to sit for?
When will I receive my course material?
What information must I provide to get accepted on a London Examinations Board course?
How will London Examinations Board support me?
Is there a timetable I need to adhere to?
Can I take time out during a course?
Why should I choose distance learning and why London Examinations Board?
Can I stop and start a programme?
Are London Examinations Board qualifications recognised?
Do I need a computer, laptop or tablet?
How much time should I devote to each module?
What should I do if there is a change in my circumstances before or during my course?
How do I go about applying for a course and how soon can I begin?
Is there a graduation ceremony and what will my certificate look like?
Are scholarships available to reduce the cost of a course?
Will I be able to interact with fellow students and tutors?
Can I enrol on say two courses at the same time?
Will I be supplied with text books?
Can I change my mind and get my money back?