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About the MBA

Are you working in or run your own organisation and wish to progress it and/or move into a more senior management position? Then this course will enable you to work at a more advanced level on issues that matter in your organisation.

Are you a recent graduate? Then you can enhance your employment prospects with this qualification.

Wherever you are in your career the MBA (Master’s Stage) offers flexible online study, which will enhance your management and business skills and knowledge.

You’ll be able to confidently apply strategy, leadership and management theory and practice to real life organisational situations.

The University of Gloucestershire MBA Dissertation

The purpose of the dissertation is for you to carry out a significant piece of in-depth work investigating an issue relevant to the field of management and business. You will critically evaluate and synthesise relevant business-related philosophies, theories, and models; undertake a process of enquiry using primary and/or secondary data sources; and relate these academic concepts to a relevant area of business management activity. The dissertation requires an analytical study of academic topics within the context of practical business decision-making  The reflective element of the dissertation will give you an opportunity to critically analyse and evaluate your learning journey.


Qualifications, professional registration and accreditation.

Successful applicants will gain Master’s Degree from the University of Gloucestershire.

Entry Requirement

London Examinations Board has a mission!
To only offer learners superior programmes. All LEB programmes have pathways with preferred University partners
London Examinations Board has a vision!
To provide highly flexible, highly recognised and high quality programmes at highly competitive prices worldwide

A few words the Chief Academic Officer

Our MBA programmes are designed to meet the aspiring needs of business leaders and practitioners.

We have a fully integrated online Learning Management System to manage all aspects of an online university including access to the world-class online e-library and databases to support learning and research by our students. We have put together a strong academic team drawn from international academic and industry communities to deliver the programme

Professor Dr Chan Chee Seng
Chief Academic Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Our promise to all our learners who have enrolled directly with us on a wholly distance learning basis is: If during the first 14 days of getting access to our online learning platform you are not completely happy with our material and platform it we will give you a full refund. We want to make sure you are happy with our platform and learning materials. We simply ask that you contact us as soon as possible so we can deal with your matter. For learners registered through an approved London Examinations Board learning centre you need to review your centres refund policy and contact them.

E-learning has transformed the landscape of learning and development from the days of the traditional mode of learning in a classroom. There is clear evidence of the four key benefits that e learning brings: (i) faster delivery; (ii) lower costs; (iii) more effective and flexible learning; and (iv) lower environmental impact.

Once you enrol as a student with the University of Gloucestershire you will not normally be allowed to take time out.  It is allowable only in exceptional circumstances. When you start the University expects  you to be well enough to study in the timescales set for the programme of study and assessment. Please especially note that the MBA masters stage has a maximum period of study of 12 months from start of programme including any extensions that may be applied.

You will not be sent any textbooks.

We have a fully integrated online Learning Management System to manage all aspects of an online university including access to the world-class online e-library and databases to support learning and research by our students  All course notes created by your tutor will be available online for you to use. We will also publish an online support list which will recommend e-books you should read and where you are able to obtain them from.

London Examinations Board believes that studying at home doesn’t mean studying alone! You will have access to and benefit from the support of an experienced and knowledgeable tutor. Your tutor will assess and comment on your work and provide feedback and encouragement. You are encouraged to ask questions and engage with your tutor. Through collaborative learning, you are encouraged and will be expected to participate and share your views and experiences through the online group Discussion Forum. By being required to work with other members of your group you will all benefit from cross fertilisation of ideas and knowledge.

There is a timetable and set periods for when modules and assessments must be completed and submitted. There is no set timetable which requires you to log in at certain times each day.  The programme is delivered using a web-based learning environment. At the start of your course, you will have the timetable outlining activities that need to be completed and a date when they should be submitted.

About LEB

London Examinations Board is a UK entity registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UK Provider Reference Number 10043715).  Our headquarters is in Hertfordshire, England and we also have Asia regional offices.

London Examination Board has partnered with various universities in the UK, Australia, USA and Europe and we have degree pathways with them who have accredited some of our degree programmes.  These Universities recognise our academic programmes by allocating them credits against their own undergraduate and/or postgraduate degrees.  These Universities therefore only require LEB graduates to top-up their LEB awards rather than undertake the Universities’ whole programme.  This reduces the cost to you and allows us to help more people looking for educational progression.

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