Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (top-up) at Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

This is a two stage Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree where you must first complete the London Examinations Board Level 4 Extended Diploma and Level 5 Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance 

This major is for those students who do or do not intend to become members of an Australian Professional Accounting Bodies. Students who study this major do so as they recognise that accounting is an integral part of the management process in any business or public enterprise. If you wish to be part of the business community without being “an accountant” then you do not have to do Units 9 and 10 below, but choose two other general electives.  If you wish to qualify for admission to membership of a professional accounting bodies (CPA Australia, ICAA and the IPA) students must complete Units 9 and 10 (which will be taken in lieu of two General Elective units)

Graduates from this accounting major are employed in both the public and private sectors, in small, medium and large organisations

For Accounting and Finance students of LEB this is a great opportunity to study on campus at Murdoch University for only 1.5 years to achieve your degree.

LEB students will receive 36 credit points and will only therefore need to top-up another 36 credit points

Students who apply to Murdoch University via this articulation arrangement will still need to satisfy all the other requirements set by the University. Once enrolled at Murdoch University you will be in the same position as all other enrolled students and be responsible for all fees and charges of the University. Apart from the advanced standing conferred, please note that no other special privileges and/or entitlements will apply

LEB students apply directly to Murdoch using the Murdoch Online Application System: https://myadmission.murdoch.edu.au/connect/webconnect

Students can contact advanced standing department at – advancedstanding@murdoch.edu.au – if they have any queries regarding their eligibility of advanced standing

However if students are citizen of and residing in the following countries, they must apply through an agent:
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Ghana, India, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Turkey, Vietnam or Zimbabwe

Units required to be studied at Murdoch University and fees as at February 2019

Students need a further 12 Units.  Each unit has Unit Code and Unit Name and carries 3 credit points per unit.  The Units you need to take are:

1   BUS123 – Introduction to International Business – A$3,570

2.1   BUS130 – Foundational Mathematics for Business – A$3,570


2.2   BUS165 – Foundations of Business Law – A$3,570

3   BUS286 Corporate Finance A$3,570

4   MSP200 Building Enterprise Skills A$3,240

5   MSP201 Real World Learning A$3,240

6   BSL305 Company Law A$3,570

7   BUS356 Contemporary Financial Accounting A$3,570

8   BUS304 Accounting Theory and Accountability A$3,570

9   BUS303 Taxation * (GE) A$3,570

10  BUS306 Auditing * (GE) A$3,570

General electives x two

Total Credit points 36 credit points

* In order to qualify for admission to membership of the professional accounting bodies (CPA Australia, ICAA and the IPA) students must complete these two units which will be taken in lieu of two General Elective units)

You will need certificates from LEB evidencing your successful completion of Accounting and Finance diplomas to enrol with the University

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