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Subject to payment of the tuition fees and verification of my detail’s prior qualifications and/or experience I hereby acknowledge that I have read and/or have had the programme details explained to me and that I am enrolling into the programme fully understanding its contents and the qualifications that I will achieve upon successful completion of the programme. I understand and agree that LEB and where applicable, the LEB Approved Centre, reserves the right to make changes to members of its staff and faculty and to modify policies, regulations, curricula, courses, tuition fees or any other aspects of the programme deemed to be in the best interest of LEB and its students at any time. LEB, or where applicable, the LEB Approved Centre will notify me of the intended commencement date of the programme as soon as reasonably practicable and I undertake to complete the programme within the stipulated completion date. I agree to abide by LEB regulations and by the terms of the Enrolment Agreement contained in this application. I certify that all information provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I agree that omission or falsification of information or documentation provided pursuant to this application will be considered sufficient reason to reject this application or dismiss me from the programme.
Please read the enclosed GDPR statement and by ticking the consent box below, you agree to the sharing of your data within the Group.
I hereby certify that the above-mentioned student’s documents have been verified and that it meets the entry requirements as set by LEB.