London Examinations Board has a vision!

To provide highly-flexible, highly-recognised and high-quality courses at highly-competitive prices worldwide.

London Examinations Board has a mission!

To offer learners only superior qualifications. All LEB qualifications are jointly awarded with a UK OFQUAL-recognised awarding organisation or by a university.


London Examinations Board (LEB) was established with one vision in mind – to facilitate and make available high-quality programmes and recognised qualifications globally. We aim to offer individuals across jurisdictions the opportunity to transform their lives by giving them access to prized further education and training, which is further enhanced by internationally recognised qualifications. This will significantly augment their education, qualifications, employability and career progression.

We work collaboratively with our partners to achieve our goals and are continually adding like-minded partners and programmes that we believe are highly valued.

Clear progression pathways

If you are motivated, eager to augment your education and enhance your career, we at London Examinations Board want to help you.  We have professional/executive diplomas in a variety of fields to enhance your career. We also have undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in accounting and finance, business, hospitality and marketing with universities in England, Australia, France and Malaysia. So if your aspiration is for that promotion or to get into a new field, or to obtain recognised qualifications at diploma and/or degree level, we can help you achieve that goal. Have a look at the videos released by two of our partners.



Total flexibility

At London Examinations Board we understand and accept that people are unique and have different strengths and limitations.  You are very likely to be self-motivated, but do you prefer to learn independently at your own pace or would you be better off with a more structured classroom environment?  At London Examinations Board we are highly flexible with the mode of delivery.  Where possible we will allow you to enrol for distance learning directly with us or you will enrol onto one of our courses through an LEB Approved Learning Centre.

London Examinations Board Approved Learning Centres

At London Examinations Board we have, in some countries, validated actual bricks and mortar colleges and institutions to deliver our courses by becoming LEB Approved Learning Centres.  Our arrangements with these colleges or institutions are for them to provide learner support and, if preferred, additional tutoring for a more structured classroom learning experience. All learners will always have access to our bespoke learning platform. If there isn’t a convenient LEB Approved Learning Centre near you, please contact us as we may be in the process of opening in your area.  We are continuously looking to validate and add centres.


Why Distance Learning?

At London Examinations Board we believe that distance learning is the future.  Distance learning has many benefits.

Convenience and flexibility: We can reach many more people in many more jurisdictions; and leaners can access a course whatever time of the day it is.

Learner development: :earners may be less intimidated and might engage more freely with each other and their tutors, and have more time to rationalise and formulate comments than in a classroom environment.

Cost effectiveness: It costs a great deal less to enroll on the same course and cuts down on ancillary expenses associated with physically attending classes overseas.

Why Distance Learning with London Examinations Board?

  • A bespoke learning platform – London Examinations Board has a bespoke learning platform which will never get old as it is being continuously developed, improved and updated. The online learning platform is interactive and harnesses the power of social networking to make learning fun, collaborative and engaging. It is a safe and secure network for learners to interact and learn from tutors and each other.  It promotes the idea of enhancing collaboration and sharing between learners themselves and with tutors plus an ability to share with the management of London Examinations Board.
  • A dedicated online tutor – Learners will have a dedicated online tutor for every module of a course. The online tutor will interact and guide you during the duration of your course. Unlike some other distance learning providers, this is included in the cost of the course.
  • Great qualifications – London Examinations Board only offers learners recognised qualifications. All our qualifications are jointly awarded with UK OFQUAL-recognised awarding organisations or by a university as appropriate.


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