About Us

London Examinations Board is a UK entity registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (number 10043715).  Our headquarters is at 137A High Street, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England EN8 7AP.  LEB also has an Asia regional office.

London Examinations Board only promotes superior internationally recognized courses. We are primarily a distance learning provider, but recognize that not everyone is comfortable with distance learning.  Therefore LEB has approved select colleges and institutions in certain jurisdictions to offer appropriate and sought after LEB courses through them.  These colleges and institutions become LEB Approved Learning Centres.  Quality assurance visits and training on the London Examinations Board learning platform are carried out by us before formal centre approval is given.  Annual reviews are also undertaken to ensure processes, procedures and quality assurance are maintained.

LEB Approved Learning Centres usually provide additional tutoring and support to help its learners.  These learners will also have full access to our online learning platform.  They will also therefore be able to enjoy the benefits of our online learning platform which is truly interactive, and which harnesses the power of social networking to make learning fun, collaborative and engaging. It is a perfectly safe and secure network for learners to interact and learn from tutors and from each other.

If there is no LEB Approved Learning Centre near you, please contact us.  We are always looking for new partner colleges and institutions so that we can offer learning mode choices to our learners.


London Examination Board has partnered with Training Qualification UK (“TQUK”).  TQUK is a professional and customer-service orientated OFQUAL recognized awarding organisation.  TQUK provides an independent assessment of our programmes and jointly awards our diplomas.

TQUK has therefore endorsed programmes of London Examinations Board with pathways to university top-up degrees. Internal and external verifiers for each collaborative TQUK and London Examinations Board programme are approved by TQUK prior to commencement, and an annual audit is conducted by TQUK to ensure strict compliance with academic standards relating to the programmes.


British Universities and top-up MBAs

LEB currently has agreements with some British Universities (please see our partners for an up to date list of these universities).  These British universities have mapped some of our qualifications and will offer top-up degrees and/or MBAs or MAs.  For example, a London Examinations Board learner who has successfully completed our Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration can enroll online directly with one of our linked British Universities to gain an MBA by successfully completing the dissertation element only.

We are always looking to form new ties with British universities to be able to expand our offering of top-up Bachelor degrees for our Higher Diploma programmes and top-up MBAs and MAs for our Postgraduate Diplomas.

IPE Management School Paris (“IPE”)

IPE has been a partner of London Examinations Board since 2013.  IPE’s programmes are currently run in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.  To date we have had over 200 students undertaking the IPE programmes.

The two IPE programmes are:

  • Top-up Bachelors in International Business with various specializations; and
  • Master of Business Administration (“MBA”).

IPE has mapped our Higher Diploma in Business Administration and Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management and will to offer top-up Bachelor’s degrees for these qualifications.

North Borneo University College (“NBUC”)

LEB currently has an arrangement with NBUC to work together to offer degrees and MAs at a more affordable price than currently being offered by British Universities (please see list of programme for the list).  NBUC has mapped some of our programmes and will offer top-up degrees and/or MBAs or MAs.

Universidad Central de Nicaragua (“UCN”)

London Examinations Board has partnered with UCN to promote and market two programmes developed in conjunction with UCN. Graduates of our Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (or learners with other equivalent qualifications) are able to undertake a top-up Advanced Master of Business Administration with UCN and progress to a doctorate with them as well.

The UCN programmes are:

  • Advanced Master of Business Administration (MBA); and
  • Doctor of Science in Strategic Management (DSc).

The Institute of Supply Chain Management (“IoSCM”) and The Institute of Sales & Marketing (“ISMM”)

London Examinations Board can offer various Supply Chain certificate and diploma courses with IoSCM and sales and marketing diplomas with ISMM in Asia and the UK. Please contact us for more information.


Malaysia Grip

London Examinations Board and Open University Malaysia’s through one of its subsidiary companies have successfully tendered and become an approved training providers under Malaysia’s Human Resources Development Fund ‘1MalaysiaGRIP’ program.  LEB has its hospitality certificate and three other certificated supply chain course (with IoSCM) registered and approved for delivery.

TESOL in Ecuador

London Examinations Board in conjunction with UCLAN Cyprus, recently submitted a proposal to the Ministerio de Educacion Del Ecuador to up-skill:

  • 300 existing English teachers in Ecuador through an MA in Educational Leadership with TESOL; and
  • 3,000 aspiring English teachers, through a Diploma in TESOL, to reach at least B2 level of proficiency in the language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).